Though made from 50% metal, the bags are incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear

Hand Sewn Details

The layers of acrylic at the top of the bag and the side tabs where the handles are attached are held in place by hand-sewing with metallic thread

Hand Painted Handles

The handles are laser-cut before the edges are coated with metallic leather paint and a seal, applied by hand

Metallic Coated Leather

Colour-matched to the metal, the leather which covers the sides of the bag and the handles is coated with a metallic finish

Side Hinge Opening

Unique in design, the side hinge opening allows for ease of access to the ‘inner bags’. Finished with a magnet to keep the lid secure

Gold Leaf

The inner bags which sit inside the acrylic bags are made from leather which has been coated with gold leaf, applied by hand and finished with a clear varnish to preserve the surface structure

Multiple Styles From One Bag

The bags are double-sided and can be worn as a clutch or with one of two removable straps and the acrylic bags can be worn with or without their inner leather bags, creating several looks from one bag

Hand Dried Flowers

The flowers that sit between two layers of acrylic have been hand-dried and applied by hand

No 2 Identical

Due to this method no two flower bags will be identical, making each one unique

Metal Insects

The insects are made from aluminium which has been laser-cut and finished by hand

Hammered Metal

The ‘insects on metal’ bags have a layer of hammered aluminium covered in acrylic for a smooth surface and added structure